Can I trade in my vehicle at any Toyota dealer?

Yes, customers who want to trade in their current vehicle may go to any Toyota dealer outlet nationwide. Highly trained professionals will inspect the customer’s vehicle for proper valuation.

What is Toyota’s 211-point Inspection?

Toyota’s 211-point Inspection is a systematic process of assessing a vehicle’s quality level, which becomes the basis for vehicle valuation or pricing for Toyota used cars. The inspection results also become a guide for necessary repair and conditioning if the vehicle will be retailed by T-Sure, prior selling to customers.

Why is it better to Trade-in with T-Sure?

Customers are assured of:

  • Transparent Assessment
    The old vehicle will undergo thorough assessment of a Toyota-certified Assessor using Toyota’s 211-point inspection, results of which will be fully explained to the customer to have full understanding of the vehicle condition.
  • Fair Trade-in Pricing
    The full transparency of the Assessment process will show the true value of the vehicle, and this assures the fair trade-in pricing. Customers may also get additional discounts/rebates for new vehicle purchases.
  • Worry-free Transaction
    All of the document processing will be quick and hassle-free for the customer as T-Sure will handle everything such as Transfer of Ownership and LTO Registration.

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